God Bless the Broken Pieces & Jagged Edges

Mosaic Heart

As the sea ebbs and flows washing out the discarded and then setting upon another distant shore the same unwanted junk. It doesn’t disappear, just floats around out there bumping into other rubbish following the current until being carried back up on dry land where it will inevitably be ignored by some, dismissed as someone else’s problem until it is either carried back out to sea to repeat the process or retrieved and properly disposed of. Ignored or discarded does not make it invisible. There will come a time when all our junk requires that we deal with it.

Throughout my life, I have moved through each catastrophe and crisis methodically and diligently. Gathering up the broken pieces, discarding the ones with sharp edges, and creating a new mosaic, something beautiful out of every smashed experience. What I didn’t realize was that the “sharp edges” would eventually reappear, slicing away at me until I finally step into consciousness and deal with them. Having barely breached my 41st year, I found myself with bloody painful wounds from repeatedly tossing the sharp edges back out to sea. Having already ignored and wished them out of existence many a times, here they are. Only now, the pain is real and the cuts are deep, they are visible and the jagged edges of childhood trauma, repeated abandonment and self-loathing have torn away at my flesh and rendered me incapable of managing my day-to-day life. Continue reading